From Location to Destination Grocery

October 2017 Retail Perceptions Report

The latest Retail Perceptions report, From Location to Destination Grocery, by Interactions is in and one thing our research has found to be true is that in this day and age shoppers are looking for more than a location and now demand a destination grocery store. The stakes are higher than ever before for those looking to triumph in the retail world.

Read the full report to get insights on top takeaways:

  • Loyalty is about service
  • Unique experiences are necessary online and offline
  • Convenience is key

Retail Perceptions explores shoppers’ insights on the trends affecting retailers and manufacturers today. The report pairs Interactions’ advanced reporting and analytics system with its insights capabilities in order for retailers and manufacturers to make more informed decisions.

Founded over 25 years ago, Interactions executes approximately three million events each year. As the global leader of product demonstrations and event marketing, we are able to employ our research capabilities to better assist our customers. By providing insights into shopper behavior, we provide the tools necessary for our customers to make smarter business decisions — driving significant sales increases.


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