Security Hacks and the Lasting Impact on Retailers

March 2016

Security breaches in the past few years have exposed shopper data of all types—targeting nearly every industry. From retail and insurance to entertainment and government—no one is immune to security breaches and there seems to be no end in sight. According to our latest Retail Perceptions report, “Security Hacks and the Lasting Impact on Retailers,” 75% of shoppers have had their personal information exposed as a result of security breaches.

With technology advances doing little to prevent them, 64% of shoppers say that they accept security breaches as part of the shopping process and 53% say that compromising their personal information is a risk they’re willing to take in exchange for convenience. Yet, despite shopper acceptance of security breaches, retailers may still see a change in shopper behavior as the result of a breach. 39% of shoppers say that they spend less than before at retailers who have experienced a security breach and 34% of shoppers don’t shop online due to fear of security breaches.

To find out how retailers can rebuild trust after a security breach and for tips on how to leverage report findings to bring shoppers into your stores and ultimately drive sales, make sure to read the “Opportunities” for retailers throughout the report.

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Retail Perceptions explores shoppers’ insights on the trends affecting retailers and manufacturers today. The report pairs Interactions’ advanced reporting and analytics system with its insights capabilities in order for retailers and manufacturers to make more informed decisions.

Founded over 25 years ago, Interactions executes approximately three million events each year. As the global leader of product demonstrations and event marketing, we are able to employ our research capabilities to better assist our customers. By providing insights into shopper behavior, we provide the tools necessary for our customers to make smarter business decisions — driving significant sales increases.

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