The Evolution of Payment: How Mobile Wallets are Changing Retail

In this issue of Retail Perceptions, Interactions Marketing asked shoppers about their shopping habits related to the mobile wallet payment option. One in three shoppers already use mobile wallets, and 62 percent of those who don’t, expect to use it within the next year. The ability to pay with the simple swipe of a phone is evolving from a mere novelty to a consumer expectation; and mobile wallets are quickly becoming more popular than retailers may be ready for.

For retailers looking to join the mobile payment revolution, most experts agree it all comes down to knowing your audience. As with so many of the changes affecting the industry today, retailers must remember that consumers are now the ones calling the shots. Gathering the insights to deliver a solution that clearly takes consumers’ needs and preferences into account is the only way to truly succeed.

Be sure to read this month’s “Opportunities for Retailers and CPGs” section at the end of the survey—which provides valuable information about how adopting mobile wallets can improve the shopper experience and ultimately increase productivity in your stores.

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Retail Perceptions explores shoppers’ insights on the trends affecting retailers and manufacturers today. The report pairs Interactions’ advanced reporting and analytics system with its insights capabilities in order for retailers and manufacturers to make more informed decisions.

Founded over 25 years ago, Interactions executes approximately three million events each year. As the global leader of product demonstrations and event marketing, we are able to employ our research capabilities to better assist our customers. By providing insights into shopper behavior, we provide the tools necessary for our customers to make smarter business decisions — driving significant sales increases.

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