The Power of Persuasion

Online Product Reviews and the Influence on Sales

March 2014 Retail Perceptions Report

Nearly every week we’re introduced to new statistics about the growing power that men are asserting with household buying decisions. While there’s no denying this trend, it is clear that women will continue to hold – and hold tightly – onto the purse strings that manage the family spending. In fact, women are on track to control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade.

Staggering?  We thought so too. It is for these reasons that we chose to explore the ‘why’ behind the buy.  We started at the beginning of the shopping cycle and asked women about the effects that online product reviews have on their shopping behaviors. With 74% of women using social networking sites, we wanted to find out who women really trust and what exactly will persuade them to purchase.

Our March Retail Perceptions report on “The Power of Persuasion” is available for download. Simply enter your information and you will be emailed the complete report. For more information on Retail Perceptions, contact Kelly Short at



Retail Perceptions explores shoppers’ insights on the trends affecting retailers and manufacturers today. The report pairs Interactions’ advanced reporting and analytics system with its insights capabilities in order for retailers and manufacturers to make more informed decisions.

Founded over 25 years ago, Interactions executes approximately three million events each year. As the global leader of product demonstrations and event marketing, we are able to employ our research capabilities to better assist our customers. By providing insights into shopper behavior, we provide the tools necessary for our customers to make smarter business decisions — driving significant sales increases.

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